Launching the Toolkit Pack for Early Years Practitioners – download here

This Toolkit Pack is the result of a research project that looked at how young children experience sound in the environment. We wanted to explore:

  • How do young children experience sound in the environment?
  • What is the relationship between environmental sounds, sounds young children make with their bodies, and words?
  • How can thinking more widely about all sorts of sounds support young children/s learning?

As part of this project, we asked children from Doncaster schools to take sounds walks, describe and imitate sounds, draw and map sounds and tell stories. These research activities demonstrated the potential of sound as a resource for imaginative storytelling. As the children began to visualise the sounds, they also began to create characters and scenarios. Their stories blurred the boundaries between the real and the imagined, and demonstrated the strong potential of using sounds to support creative storytelling and at the same time develop children’s literacy.

The activities in this toolkit build on the research methods employed, by inviting children, families and teachers to think, talk and share experiences of sound using words, stories, pictures and digital technology.

The toolkit is made up of four parts, the Sounds Storyboard, the Storying Sounds Book, some Audio Sounds and the Our Story app.

The Sounds Storyboard is available to download by clicking here.

The Storying Sounds Book can be downloaded by clicking here.

The Audio Sounds can be listened to on our Sounds Cloud page here.

Go to the App Store on your smart phone or tablet and search for the Our Story app to download it. The app is free.

The Activity Cards, accessed here, offer guidance on how to make use of these three resources in creative ways, supporting children’s literacy practices. Some of the literacy skills you may see being developed include metaphor, simile, synesthesia, onomatopoeia and narrative development.


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