Presentations from the Launch Event

At the launch event, three different members from the Storying Sounds team – Lisa Procter (Principle Investigator), Fiona Scott (Research Associate) and Nicky Rose (Artist) – each presented on the project from their different perspectives.

Lisa offered an overview of the original aims of the project and how these have changed/developed through collaborating with the children and practitioners. She spoke about the opportunities that the Sounds Toolkit presents for educational practice, particularly in relation to literacy learning, but also for architectural practice, asking the question – how might design practice change if we have a better understanding of how young children perceive sound in the built environment?

Fiona then reflected on the research process with the young children and their parents, she offered detailed accounts of how each of the young children seemed to relate to environmental sound and the ways that they engaged with the different research activities. She also reflected on the ways that sound was perceived and experienced differently by children and adults, suggesting that further research is needed to explore what adults could do differently in practice when they better understand the role of sound in children’s lives and learning.

Finally, Nicky reflected on the ways in which the research process led to the development of educational resources to support imaginative storytelling. These resources were generated from observing how the children were engaging with the research methods, and the ways that they all seemed to want to play with sound in creative ways. The sounds toolkit and sounds booklet have been developed and designed to scaffold children’s literacy development by drawing on activities that had resonance for the children involved in the study.

The full presentations can be accessed here.


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